Your idea will sound crazy if it has any merit

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This month John Harthorne was featured in an article in the Boston Business Journal detailing why he left a successful career consulting for Boston-based global management consulting firm Bain & Co. John is our featured Speaker for our march network gathering which you can signup for here.

For John Harthorne, going to work everyday as a consultant for Boston-based global management consulting firm Bain & Co. literally made him sick.

“I hated consulting,” Harthorne, founder and CEO of startup accelerator program MassChallenge told students at Boston University’s TechConnect event on Feb. 7.

Harthorne talked about the genesis of MassChallenge days before the accelerator kicked off its fourth annual program, which will give hundreds of startups the opportunity to compete for space at the program’s new offices in south Boston.

In 2008, Harthorne was thoroughly disliking his job (even though Bain & Co. has been named the Best Firm to Work for by Consulting magazine for 11 years), and he longed to be an entrepreneur. But he was focusing too much on trying to launch a for-profit tech company, something like the next Google or Microsoft, he said.

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