Tyler Sullivan: Where Are They Now?

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about-us-photoWho are you and what is your connection to UVM/UVME?

My name is Tyler Sullivan, better known as Sully. I am a UVM Alum from the class of 2006 and currently reside in South Burlington, VT. My connection to UVM goes far beyond my hazy days of when I was a student there. BombTech golf the company I founded would have been nothing without UVM. My company develops and manufactures our own original golf equipment and specifically golf drivers that are actually co-engineered with UVM Engineering students. I even got the idea to reach out to UVM for the engineering by another UVM Alumni. It doesn’t get more UVM than this!

Tell us a little bit about what you have done since college…

Since college I started a career, well a few jobs in sales. I knew quickly that this would be the only job where I could control my destiny…to a certain extent. I had great success in a B2B sales position, was a top 1% performer at a large pharmaceutical company and was rookie of the year for a medical device sales job. I even worked my way up to a Sales Director role for an Engineering company where I managed and sold over 2.2 million in product annually. But, at the end of the day. I was still working for someone else. It was a couple years ago when I first launched my own website, which could have been the worse website ever made….I worked on the design and was attempting to resell product. I didn’t sell anything for 6 months.

But once I broke the ice and got my first sale. I became obsessed with the idea that I could make my own money working for myself and that it truly was possible.

What excites you about UVME?

A lot of my success has been due to my willingness to talk to others that have already been successful. A lot of my time in the early stages and currently is talking with other Business owners to learn what they have done well and what they have done poorly. It is this mindset and desire to learn from other Entreprenuers is what excites me about the UVME program.

It is rare that I am the smartest guy in the room, but I will listen and learn from him or her and this is the unique part of the UVME program and why I am so excited to have any involvement.

Any words of advice for the young entrepreneur?

I have too many for one blog post. First, I would say the biggest mistake that I hear from young entrepreneurs is that they need funding, capital, a good marketing company, etc. With today’s global economy, social commerce and internet you can test your proof of concept with minimal capital and risk. Put what you think you need aside and test your brand or product concepts and ideas.

Secondly, I mentioned this earlier. Young Entrepreneurs don’t ask questions and they don’t ask them to the right people. Talk to successful business owners and you will learn more about business and how to truly run one that asking someone doesn’t have experience doing that.

Lastly, at some point you need to say “What the F*** and go for it” Risky Business. Great, you have a master’s degree in business, but have you launched a business or had success building a brand. Until you go for it, you will never know what you are doing right or wrong. So, as I like to say “Pull the Pin!”

-Sully, CEO BombTech Golf


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