5 Key Elements For Startup Success

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When undertaking a startup venture it is easy to get caught up in your product or service and loose sight of the bigger picture. Considered “One of Boston’s most influential Business Leaders”, by the Boston Business Journal, John Harthorne shares what he thinks to be 5 key elements for startup success. John is our featured Speaker for our march network gathering which you can signup for here.

Push Hard

Big dreams can become big nightmares if you simply think – but don’t do.

Don’t Attempt a Startup Unless You Have Very Lofty Goals

Despite seeming a bit counter-intuitive, it can actually be much easier to start a larger company than a smaller one.

Don’t Be Discouraged by Setbacks

Instead of surrendering to the challenges you face, find ways to either eliminate – or at least circumvent, those challenges.

Get Advice From Experts and Peers – Often

Seek out expert-advice as much as possible – mentoring is absolutely critical to a fledgling startup’s success.

Set Goals

Set small goals capable of being tracked with metrics to help maintain momentum and promote an aura of energy and excitement within the company.

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