“Our mission is simple, to connect and inspire the next generation of UVM alumni.”

IMG_8024UVME was founded by a group of young alumni with the vision of a stronger and better connected alumni network. We appreciate the value of UVM alumni, and we hope to better connect alumni through the launch of a Boston-based Affinity group – “University of Vermont Alumni Associations Entrepreneurs Group” or “UVME”.

UVME acknowledges that each graduate possesses unique experiences and qualities that collectively form the UVM ecosystem. However, UVME recognized that wasn’t a forum that allows graduates to leverage potentially valuable connections with other alumni. This group has set out with the goal of creating fun and engaging events that will connect entrepreneurial-minded individuals from varying backgrounds and careers.

Boston was chosen for the launch of UVME because Massachusetts is a global hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and it represents one of the larger areas with well-established alumni. UVM’s presence in Boston is truly an untapped asset, and this group will continue to strengthen UVM’s ability to create value and catalyze significant activity in the region.



Anu Yadav, founder of the UVM affinity program and UVM board member

Anu Yadav, founder of the UVM affinity program and UVM board member

What is the UVM Alumni Affinity Program?

The affinity program offers opportunities for alumni of shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and regional structure. Examples of these may include:

  • Student activity involvement (Outing Club, student leaders, The Cynic, WRUV)

  • Professional/career affiliation (environmental, legal, entrepreneurs, educators)

  • Identity-based (ALANA, Greek, Hillel, LGBT)

  • Regional programs (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida)

Specifically, an affinity program:

  • Creates a medium through which alumni can reconnect with each other around shared experiences, interests, and identities

  • Increases opportunities for alumni to get involved and meet other UVM alumni

  • Promotes leadership

  • Fosters a sense of community within the UVM alumni population

  • Supports a culture of philanthropy for the University

The UVM Alumni Association recognizes the importance of these special interests and encourages alumni to connect with others who share this common bond.




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